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Wildlife Control Services You Need When You Need Them. Contact us today.

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Wildlife Control Services You Need When You Need Them. Contact us today.

Your Certified Wildlife Specialists

Invading nuisance wildlife can cause costly damage to your property if left untreated on residential buildings and structures. Animal infiltration into homes is a typical occurrence, and it is usually followed by damage made by the animal while attempting to enter your home. Learn how A&A Wildlife Removal’s certified wildlife specialists can humanely remove wildlife from your property and fix any wildlife and pest damage left behind. Call today to find out more.

Animal Damage Repairs

Flying squirrels, red squirrels, rats, and bats can enter your home through a small hole in your fascia board, attic vent, dormer, or gable vent and leave droppings, urine, fleas, and ticks in your attic. Allow an A&A Wildlife Removal specialist to inspect your home and seal any entry spots before they become a bigger problem.

Wildlife feces in your home can be more dangerous than the animal itself. Everyday remnants of life, such as fur and feces, will remain—and the latter is not something you want lingering in your home for an extended period of time. Varied wildlife creatures have different feces habits; for example, raccoons would use one area of your attic for living and another as a “raccoon latrine.”

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of where to locate animal droppings in the home, the following are a few common areas wildlife prefer in your home:

  • Attics (squirrels, raccoons & bats)
  • Kitchens (rodents)
  • Garage (raccoons)

Exclusion and Habitat Modification

A&A Wildlife Removal employs a variety of habitat modification and exclusion techniques to keep critters out of your home or property. Wildlife exclusion services offer a comprehensive solution to wildlife invasions on your property. Prevention services restrict the target species’ access to food, water, and shelter.

A&A Wildlife Removal has the skills and training to rapidly identify the presence of problematic animals and devise a successful defense strategy. We will locate all points of entry, implement our prevention measures, and eliminate reoccurring wildlife infestations on your property. For effective wildlife removal and protection, contact A&A Wildlife Removal & Home Services today.

Wildlife exclusion is the most effective long-term wildlife control strategy. While eliminating a nuisance animal addresses the immediate issue, it does not address future invasions. The possibilities of future animal infestation and damage are considerably minimized by detecting all points of animal infestation and executing repair and exclusion procedures.

Caulking and Sealing

Caulking and sealing can help you save money on your energy cost while also keeping pests out. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) service techniques to avoid pests must involve the sealing of all gaps and crevices with the right materials, which also helps save energy In order to detect problem areas and prevent small pest infestations from growing large, inspections and monitoring for pests and conditions are carried out.

Installation of a Chimney Cap and Screen

Chimneys provide shelter for birds, squirrels, and raccoons. Screening vents, adding chimney caps/screens, and sealing access holes decreases the likelihood of future conflicts with unwanted nuisance animals. Tuck pointing, chimney repairs, and sealing chimneys are subjected to the harshest conditions, and deterioration of the flashing, bricks, mortar joints and concrete caps are common.

Crawlspace Cleaning

Your animal has left, but what about the droppings left behind? Is there any damage to your pipes or insulation? Do you notice odors, water leaks, or a loss of energy?

Foundation Vents

A&A Wildlife Removal will restore the damage and implement prevention strategies after removing undesirable animals from crawlspaces. Screening foundation vents, adding chimney tops and screens, and covering access holes lessen the possibility of future conflicts with other unwanted nuisance animals.

Why Choose A&A Wildlife Removal?

One of the first steps in addressing animal conflicts with humans is to appreciate wildlife and the natural environment we share. Many perceived “animal problems” stemming from unreasonable anxieties can be solved by tolerance and understanding. For example, bats and snakes are valuable to the environment but rarely pose a threat to humans. While there are times when we may let nature take care of itself, wildlife conflicts must occasionally be resolved in order to prevent future damage to our homes and property, as well as to safeguard human health and safety.

When dealing with nuisance animal problems, A&A Wildlife Removal’s philosophy has advocated for humane animal control and environmentally responsible tactics, such as wildlife control, animal removal, animal damage restoration, animal exclusion, and pest control preventative services. We provide ecologically friendly animal control services to homeowners, companies, and municipalities by employing innovative, integrated solutions.

Our qualified wildlife specialists have decades of experience. Their knowledge and experience enable them to immediately identify the wild animal causing the problem. We collaborate with you to devise a strategy for removing the nuisance animal, preventing future animal infestations, and repairing animal damage. Call us today.

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