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What We Do

Ready to get rid of the nuisance wildlife that’s been damaging your home and keeping you up at night? You’ve come to the right place.

Perhaps you’ve tried eliminating them yourself, or hired your pest control company to set up bait and traps, but the problem persists. The animals are still scratching around in your attic at night. Still digging up your landscape. Still chewing electrical wires. Still causing you added stress.

At A & A Wildlife and Home Solutions, we don’t simply set bait and hope for the best. We remove the critters, seal their entry ways to keep them out, and clean up the mess they left behind. This is known as an exclusion. And while many pest control companies are beginning to offer this service, they often lack the proper training and experience, and even fail to use the proper materials.

Nuisance Wildlife Control in Georgia isn’t regulated to the same degree as pest control. There is no state mandated training, no guidelines for proper exclusion. So often we receive calls from customers who’ve had an exclusion done by someone else, only to find they’ve missed numerous entries, used poor quality materials and more.

Not only are our Wildlife Control Operators are licensed by the state of Georgia, we have numerous Certifications from the National Wildlife Control Operators Association. We are also proud members of NWCOA. We use only the most durable materials available and source them from locally owned and operated companies in the metro Atlanta area. We consider ourselves masters of our trade.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. When you’re happy, we’re happy. Our staff is easy to work with, polite and professional. We also have systems in place to simplify and streamline the process. Prefer texting over calls? We can do that. Want your estimate via email? We’ve got you covered. Want us to text or email photos of our findings or work? You got it. Need to get in touch after hours? You’re in good hands. We communicate through whichever method is most convenient for you. Having critters is hard enough. Working with a professional shouldn’t be a hassle.

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Our History

A & A Wildlife and Home Solutions is formerly known as the Wildlife Division of A & A Termite and Pest Control. We have the same familiar faces and high quality our customers have come to expect. Our founder, Matt Alexander, worked for his father and grandfather’s termite and pest control business for nearly twenty years. He established the Wildlife Division of their company in 2011 and grew it by leaps and bounds over the years. We now serve the same customers and service area under a separate company, A & A Wildlife and Home Solutions.

Our Approach

We do our best to humanely relocate the animals we trap. Our team values high quality workmanship. We are not a huge corporation with nameless faces. Our employees are top notch and truly an asset to our company. We reward skill, thoroughness and good character over sales volume. 

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At A & A Wildlife and Home Solutions, we don’t simply set bait and hope for the best. We remove the critters, seal their entry ways to keep them out, and clean up the mess they left behind.

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