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Why A & A for Your Insulation?

Benefits of Home Attic Insulation and Radiant Barriers

Save Money On Utility Costs All Year

Attic insulation and radiant barriers will save you big money on utility costs by keeping cold air inside during the summer and warm air inside during the winter.

Proper Insulation Extends The Life Of Equipment

Properly insulating your home will extend the life of your heating and cooling units, as they do not have to work as hard to keep your home at a desirable temperature. Since these units tend to cost into the thousands, this is a great benefit for homeowners.


Programs like the Home Energy Improvement Program (HEIP) through Georgia Power provide rebates when replacing the insulation in your home.  Rebates are the responsibility of the home owner to apply.  For more information on rebates visit the Georgia Power website.


Programs Enjoy higher efficiency from your homes heating and cooling system and more consistent inside temperatures.  A properly insulated home will be less impacted indoors by the outdoor temperatures.

We Recommend Blow-in Insulation - Here's Why

What is Radiant Barrier and how does it work?

Radiant barriers are a type of thermal insulation that prevents the transfer of heat due to radiation. Practically speaking, the radiant heat from the sun will reflect off the radiant barrier and will act as a sort of umbrella over your house.

Radiant barriers are constructed with a highly reflective, durable material. It’s similar to aluminum foil, only much thicker. Many so-called professionals lay the radiant barrier on the floor of the attic, take your money and call it a day. It then becomes ineffective after a little dust accumulates on the surface.

At A&A install radiant barrier properly by stapling it to the underside of the roof trusses. It definitely takes a lot more labor time to do the job correctly, but it will remain effective for the life of your home.

You might be wondering why a wildlife business even offers insulation. Well, we have found that our clients generally would like to have their attic back to par after the damage they have done. Rodents are not potty trained, so they leave their urine and feces all over the attic insulation. To top it off, they also run and burrow in the insulation, making it flattened, holey and inefficient.

Depending on the level of critter infestation in the attic, we can usually remove the droppings, disinfect, then add new insulation on top of the existing. However, if the insulation is beyond repair, we would need to remove it all, disinfect, and replace with new insulation.

The reduction in energy costs usually pays for the insulation in three to five years.

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"It's rare to find a company that really cares about helping people, but A&A is just that. Everything about our experience, from start to finish, was exceptional. They are thorough and very honest. If you should find yourself in the unfortunate position of dealing with any sort of animal intrusion, do not hesitate to call A&A. They have earned our loyalty for sure." -Amy B.
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"I was really blown away by the service I received. I called A&A and Matt came out to do an extensive inspection of my home and provided a detail report of all the areas where mice were able to get in. He recommended all the improvements needed to keep the critters out and quickly scheduled a team to do the work. The crew that worked on our home was very friendly, knowledgable and did a high-quality job. Highly recommend their services." -Josh A.
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Safe, Friendly and Experienced Staff
Our team is composed of seasoned wildlife experts, each with a wealth of experience in the humane and effective resolution of wildlife conflicts. From the identification of species-specific behaviors to the implementation of tailored solutions, our staff's collective knowledge forms the backbone of our successful track record in wildlife management.
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