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Bat Exclusion and Removal Services

Bats living in your attic is more than a nuisance. It’s a health threat.

We humanely remove bats living inside your home, seal their entryways to prevent them from coming back, and clean up the guano, urine and odor left behind.

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Bat Removal & Exclusion Service

A & A’s exclusion program features a systematic closure of your home that prevents any wildlife from ever moving in. Most Georgia homes have openings and gaps that animals will enter through.

Attics are a dream home to bats. It’s a dry, warm shelter that keeps them protected from predators. And while bats help keep flying insect populations down, they make a nasty mess that can affect your family’s health.

Bats are a protected species. It is illegal to kill them with poison or lethal trapping. That’s why sealing their entry points with a home exclusion is critical. It is also a very humane bat removal method.

The Full Exclusion Service comes with a warranty that ensures no animals will re-infest your home. In the unlikely event an animal does get inside, we’ll come back to resolve the issue at no cost to you.

Benefits of Full Exclusion

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Certified Bat Removal Experts

We know how to solve your bat problem, but you don’t have to take our word for it. We are NWCOA Bat Standards Certified.

This certification is awarded after completing a course and examination covering bat biology, behavior, identification, inspection, exclusion techniques, restrictions, safety, proper guano remediation and decontamination, rabies, bat handling, and more.

This certification, along with our years experience performing bat control work, demonstrates that we are fully competent in bat exclusion, removal and clean-up.

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Bat Exclusion Process

Bat exclusion for a home or building is not a simple, standard process. Each structure is unique, requiring different methods and ladder work. It takes a skilled technician with a trained eye to find all of the uncommon holes. At A & A, we have the experience and know-how to do the job right, guaranteed. Unlike many other companies, we use durable materials and specialized exclusion products designed to last.

Phase 1 - Sealing of the home or building

The first step is to seal entryways. We offer two options for this:

Partial Exclusion

This option only addresses bats. We seal their entries and install a one-way door they can fly out of but not re-enter. Once all the bats have left the roost, we can clean up their droppings.

A Partial Bat Exclusion does not address rodents or other wildlife present. Homes can have different types nuisance critters at once. Partial Exclusion cannot be warrantied as bats can chew new entries into your home.

Full Exclusion

A Full Exclusion resolves your bat problem and other nuisance wildlife. It’s pretty common to see more than one type of critter living in a home. A full exclusion seals entry points for bats, rats, squirrels, raccoons and more. So whether there’s a current infestation or your attic is simply an open door waiting for one, we seal it up. We install the same one-way door for the bats as a partial exclusion and set traps as appropriate to address any other critters. To learn more about our Full Exclusion process, please see our Wildlife Services page.

Due to poor building codes in Georgia, a construction gap is likely present between the roof decking and fascia board around the roofline of your home. These gaps will usually measure half an inch to four inches or more and is a common entryway for critters to access your attic. This area needs to be sealed with galvanized sheet metal and usually takes the most amount of time, effort and ladder maneuvering. Our galvanized sheet metal is pre-bent and slid under the shingles while screwed into the fascia board to secure. If gutter covers are present, they are carefully taken off to access the construction gap. We then install sheet metal and properly reinstall the gutter covers. If you have been thinking about getting gutter covers installed, now is the perfect opportunity. Learn more about our gutter cover options and benefits.

Some homes may have aluminum drip edge installed over their construction gap. Understand that aluminum is not a rodent-proof material and can be chewed through. Furthermore, it is not installed in a way that seals out rodents. Its purpose is to protect from moisture, not squirrels and rodents.

Phase 2 - Bat Eviction & Other Trapping

We wait for all of the bats to exit through the one-way door. If there are rats or other types of wildlife to be eliminated, we set traps. We return as needed to remove wildlife and re-set the traps until they are completely eliminated.

Phase 3 - Clean-up and Restoration

With bats, it is VERY important to clean up the droppings. Fungus can grow on guano. That fungus releases spores into the air that cause histoplasmosis, a disease that primarily affects the respiratory system.

When we’re confident all bats and any other animals are gone and can’t get back in, it’s a good idea to clean up their mess. If you decide to sell your home, most home inspectors will find and report rodent evidence to the potential buyers or agency. The type of service we recommend depends on the level of contamination. For small infestations, oftentimes we can remove visible feces with a HEPA vacuum and disperse a hospital-grade disinfectant into the attic. Other evidence such as tunnels and trails in the insulation will also be smoothed out to benefit future inspections.

Our Disinfectant Sanitizer Virucide kills harmful germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses. It disinfects hepatitis, hantavirus, avian flu, HIV and more. It also prevents and eliminates mildew.

When there is heavy contamination, a full Attic Restoration becomes necessary. Some customers choose this option if they are not comfortable with the slightest bit of contamination being left behind. We have received extensive training in proper attic restoration and remediation of animal feces and urine. We have also received training and certification from the Building Performance Institute for proper air sealing and insulation installation. We follow several protocols to prevent contamination from entering your living space during our clean-out process. All insulation is removed. We ensure that the attic floor and other areas are sealed properly while maintaining proper ventilation. In some cases, encapsulating paint is used to seal off heavily contaminated surfaces. Lastly, we install fresh insulation and always clean up behind ourselves before we go.

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Our team is composed of seasoned wildlife experts, each with a wealth of experience in the humane and effective resolution of wildlife conflicts. From the identification of species-specific behaviors to the implementation of tailored solutions, our staff's collective knowledge forms the backbone of our successful track record in wildlife management.
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