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A & A is a great company! I love that we found a hometown, family owned business to support. We have used their company for a few years for their termite, pest, wildlife, insulation and mosquito services. All services are backed by their amazing customer service, warranties, and competitive pricing. Matt had been to our home on numerous occasions to be sure that our squirrels in the attic were properly taken care of and stands by his guarantee to keep them out . We trust and would use them again without hesitation.

– 5 Star Rating from Erica K. on

Worked with A&A a couple of times so far and each time I’ve been truly impressed. Professional service with integrity. I trust the work that they do and the advice that they give (that in itself is hard to find now-a-days!). We had rats/mice in our attic and had them come out to do an evaluation and cleanup. We’re hoping those little critters don’t come back, but if they do we’ll definitely be using A&A.

– 5 Star Rating from Hannah H. on

When we moved into our home, we quickly discovered that there were squirrels in the attic that the home inspection from another local company had not pointed out (that’s a whole other story…). Matt Alexander immediately pointed out the trails the squirrels had made through the attic insulation and easily made his way far into the back reaches of our attic to locate where they were getting in. He took pictures to show us the things we couldn’t see without crawling back there ourselves, including a wire that the squirrels had gnawed on. We ultimately opted to go ahead and get a full exclusion treatment done. The one squirrel caught in our exclusion trap one evening was promptly picked up the next morning, and we haven’t heard scratching or scurrying since!

– 5 Star Rating from Samantha D. on

A&A gets results. They were on time, every time, polite and professional.
I’ve have used other services in the past and It’s unfortunate that I didn’t find A&A sooner. Other companies I’ve used did as little as possible with hopes that the problem ~might~ go away. A&A explored my house and made sure I knew all my risk spots and what they could do and what I could do. If you have a pest issue, please do yourself a favor and contact A&A first. Simply put, they are effective.

– 5 Star Rating from Ron S. on

I recently heard a critter in my walls and actually getting into my bedroom. I was frantic for help and called a few places. A & A Wildlife Solutions were able to come the same day (the first place I called couldn’t come out for almost a whole week!) They also had the best price. Since the first visit when they inspected everywhere, closed a few possible entry points and set some traps, they’ve been back twice to check the entry points they closed off and traps. They have been extremely timely and polite. I really like the system they use for scheduling and texting to let you know they are on the way too. I highly recommend.

– 5 Star Rating from Lisa B. on


Matt came the same day I called and did a thorough attic inspection and then completely sealed the
location where squirrels were getting in. He was very friendly, knowledgeable and offered a lot of
advise to prevent further problems. I would 100% hire again.
– ‘A’ Rating from Patrick G. on
Angie’s List

We were very happy with the services we received from A&A. Matt, Justin and Amanda are all very professional and responsive, They sealed the attic, trapped any of the remaining squirrels and came back promptly to clean and disinfect the attic. Would highly recommend their services.
– ‘A’ Rating from Julie L. on
Angie’s List

Matt initially came out to see where the squirrels were gaining access to my attic. He then came out a couple of days later and set traps to capture the squirrel. He then came out and removed the traps and plugged the hole that had been created by the squirrels. Matt was very nice and professional, and I would use his service again in the future.
– ‘A’ Rating from Mike H. on
Angie’s List

The removal specialist showed up promptly and went about his work efficiently. He brought me up into the attic to show me the issues he saw and gave his recommendations on how best to tackle our rodent problem either myself or should I choose to hire them/another company for the job. He then went ahead and sealed the most obvious entry way in the corner of the house to see if that would discourage the little buggers, but they are quite persistent and it looks like I may have to go with a more comprehensive solution, so I’ll most likely be giving A&A a call back!
– ‘A’ Rating from William G. on
Angie’s List

 Matt came out to the house the next day at 6 PM to take care of the critter in the chimney. He didn’t charge us any extra for this one trip. We scheduled the attic assessment for 2 days later where Matt came back and examined the attic and roof line. He explained where the critters were entering and his assessment of what animals had invaded our attic. The quote was very reasonable. He sealed the entire roof line while leaving a single opening to trap any squirrels still inside along with leaving a few rat traps in the attic. The squirrel traps are designed not to harm the animal so Matt could release back into the wild at some other location. He arrived promptly to complete the work and finished the same day. He cleaned up everything before leaving and the work didn’t change any of the look along the roof. Matt checked back every few days to find out if we were still hearing any critters in the attic or if any of the traps were tripped. After about a week he removed the traps and sealed the last point of entry. It’s been about 3 weeks and we haven’t heard any more scurrying around in the attic. The scheduling process was very efficient and we changed the date once due to the rain forecast. Matt was very courteous and professional throughout the process. He was responsive to our questions and follow up calls after the work was completed.

– ‘A’ Rating from Sandy L. on
Angie’s List

A&A Wildlife and Home Solutions is awesome. I had a squirrel problem for over 5 years that no company could seem to fix with relocation. A&A came out, inspected my house and went over the reasons why they kept coming back. They set up a plan and delivered. I have had peace and quiet since. I recommend them because they are prompt, efficient, professional and honest. Overall a great experience, just wish I had found them sooner!

– 5 Star Rating from Joey L. on Google

 Simply a stellar experience during the entire process. From the site survey to the exclusion and trapping and finally with the cleanup: every person that came out was not only knowledgeable. skilled, and eager to please the customer, but they were also very pleasant and professional. Also, they all were very conscientious of the covid19 situation and followed all protocols. They truly went above and beyond. Furthermore, the office team was top notch, organized, and thorough. In summary, I can’t recommend A&A enough…they really do set a standard for others to follow! Thank you A&A!

– 5 Star Rating from Russ L. on Google

After we learned that we had flying squirrels in our attic, we conducted our due diligence and interviewed three potential candidates (companies) to resolve our issue. A & A Wildlife and Home Solutions stood out as the one who cared about the client instead of $$$. Matt Alexander, the owner, met with us and we quickly confirmed that he was the man we wanted to do the job. Matt was professional, courteous and answered all of our questions. He explained the process from beginning to end and executed same in a timely and efficient manner. He “sealed” our attic and then provided 29 bags of insulation to help control our heating/cooling expense. Would we recommend A & A Wildlife and Home Solutions to our friends and neighbors? Absolutely, without reservation. Thank you, Matt, for a job well done!

v– 5 Star Rating from Brian C. on Google

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