Hearing Noises In Your Suwanee Home?

If you’re hearing scratching or scurrying noises over head or in the walls, chances are good you have uninvited critters inside your home. No need to panic! Just reach out to us below and the A&A Wildlife Team will quickly get you the help you need!

Suwanee Rodent Removal and Exclusion Process

Sealing a home or building to prevent rodent entry is not a simple, standard process. Each structure has its own set of problems, openings and potential trouble spots. It takes a skilled technician with a trained eye to find all of the hard to find holes. Our technicians have the skill and experience needed to do the job right, guaranteed.

Unlike many other companies, we use quality materials such as galvanized steel wire screen, thick galvanized sheet metal and other products that will last the life of your Suwanee home or commercial building. We treat your home as we would our own. Our exclusion technicians are talented carpenters. Not only do we seal the pesky rodents out, we make it look good

Rodents can contaminate stored food

Suwanee Rodent Exclusion Phase 1 – Sealing of the home

Before January 1st 2014, roofers were not mandated to install drip-edge. This left a big problem for many Suwanee homes as the edges of rooflines were left open to water and rodents. If your roof was installed before 2014, its likely you have a wide open construction gap similar the the picture below. These gaps will usually measure half an inch to four inches or more. Many might not be aware, but rodents like mice, rats and squirrels are excellent climbers! Many times they will find their way into the gutter system where they will climb or chew through to get in your attic!

Even homes with roofs installed after 2014 are not safe from critter invasions in their attic. 95% of the time roofers drip-edge is a thin, soft aluminum metal laid over the gap to protect the home from water. Although the aluminum drip-edge provides some coverage for the roofline gap, unless the metal is galvanized and fastened to the front fascia board (which most of the time they aren’t), rodents will find their way through.   

A&A Wildlife will seal this main entryway with galvanized sheet metal. The sheet metal is bent and conformed to the right angle and pitch of the roofline gap. The metal is then slid under the shingles and over the gap where it is screwed into the fascia board with hex bolts with rubber washers (these screws are the best to keep areas we fasten water tight). The metal is installed behind the gutter and cannot be seen from the ground. Any exposed metal seen around the home is painted to blend for a professional look. 

This step is usually the longest and most costly of the exclusion process, requiring constant ladder maneuvering and attention to safety. Our A&A team and exclusion crew will be mindful of your property taking the upmost care as they work in and around your home. We always use ladder stabilizers keeping the team safe and the ladders from bending or scratching the gutters.

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Roofline squirrel exclusion

Many other entries may exist around your Alpharetta home. Gable vents, utility penetrations, crawl space vents and other foundation / siding openings, to name a few. These areas usually need galvanized wire screen in the vents. Galvanized screen and professional-grade sealant are used to seal other holes.

Suwanee Rodent Removal Phase 2 – Rat/Mouse Trapping

After sealing your Suwanee home or business, it’s time to trap the rats, mice and other critters. The same day we close up the house, we strategically place rat/mouse traps around infested areas with specially formulated bait they can’t resist. We then return weekly to remove the animals and reset the traps until they are completely eliminated. Sometimes it may be necessary to do some trapping before the exclusion work depending on the situation.

Suwanee Rodent Removal & Exclusion

Rats and mice can be a real health threat to your family. We offer Suwanee rodent removal services for rats and mice living in your attic, crawl space, wall voids, living areas and other areas. 

In order to keep wildlife critters from coming back, sealing the current AND possible entry points are essential. We also offer clean-up services for areas contaminated with urine and feces. 

Questions? Need to schedule an inspection in Suwanee or other nearby area? Use the button below or call us at 678-744-9453!


Suwanee Rodent Cleanup Phase 3 – Wildlife Droppings Removal and Disinfect

When we’re confident all rodents are gone and can’t get back in, it’s a good idea to clean up their mess. If you decide to sell your home, most home inspectors will find and report rodent evidence to the potential buyers or agency.

In many cases, a light clean-up is sufficient. We remove as much feces as possible using a HEPA vacuum. Our hospital-grade disinfectant is completely safe and has a very light, fresh scent. A fogger disperses it into the infested area, killing all surface bacteria, germs and viral pathogens. Other evidence such as tunnels and trails in the insulation will also be smoothed out to benefit future inspections.

Our Disinfectant Sanitizer Virucide kills harmful germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses. It disinfects hepatitis, hantavirus, avian flu, HIV and more. It also prevents and eliminates mildew. However, it is impossible to disinfect beneath the surface of the insulation. The only way to completely eliminate ALL evidence of rodents is to perform an attic restoration.

Suwanee Attic & Crawlspace Insulation

A large infestation can ruin an attic, crawl space or other areas of the home. A restoration may be necessary. In this case, we can perform a partial or full removal and replacement of your insulation and vapor barrier for a complete clean. We may also scrub wood and other solid surfaces with disinfectant or seal with an encapsulating paint. For more details on insulation, Click Here.

insulation installation atlanta

Suwanee's Certified Rodent Removal Experts

We know how to solve your rat or mouse problem, but you don’t have to take our word for it. We are Certified NWCOA Advanced Wildlife Control Operators. 

This certification is awarded after completing two courses and examinations covering a wide variety of topics including wildlife biology, behavior, identification, inspection, exclusion techniques, restrictions, safety, humane animal treatment, proper remediation and decontamination, rabies, animal handling, and more. 

This certification, along with our years experience performing rodent trapping and exclusion work, demonstrates that we are fully competent in rodent exclusion, removal and clean-up, along with the control of many other wildlife species. 

Ask the Owner

How did I get RATS?!

Oftentimes, our customers are very surprised to learn that they have rats and/or mice in their home. The stereotype surrounding rodent infestation is one of filth, old homes, poor home/structural maintenance, etc.. But truth is, any home can get rodents. 

We see rats and mice in all types of homes, from 100+ year old  homes downtown to new homes in country clubs. They are everywhere and reproduce rapidly. So while rats and mice are definitely unwelcome house guests, don’t feel embarrassed or like you did something wrong. Anyone can get rats. It’s just a matter of them finding your home and doing a bit of chewing in the right spots. 

– Matt Alexander

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Our team is composed of seasoned wildlife experts, each with a wealth of experience in the humane and effective resolution of wildlife conflicts. From the identification of species-specific behaviors to the implementation of tailored solutions, our staff's collective knowledge forms the backbone of our successful track record in wildlife management.
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