Marietta Raccoon Removal & Exclusion

Raccoons can be a nightmare. Not only are they rabies vectors, they cause substantial damage to your home. We offer Marietta raccoon removal and exclusion services to remedy this problem. 

A & A Wildlife and Home Solutions humanely traps raccoons and their young. Once eliminated, we seal up their entries. We offer thorough clean-up services and repair to wood work damaged by raccoons.

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Marietta Raccoon Removal & Exclusion Service

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Do you suspect you may have raccoons in your Marietta home or business? Here are some signs to look for: 

Signs of Raccoons in Marietta Attic

Marietta's Certified Raccoon Removal Experts

We know how to solve your Raccoon problem, but you don’t have to take our word for it. We are Certified NWCOA Advanced Wildlife Control Operators. 

This certification is awarded after completing two courses and examinations covering a wide variety of topics including wildlife biology, behavior, identification, inspection, exclusion techniques, restrictions, safety, humane animal treatment, proper remediation and decontamination, rabies, animal handling, and more. 

This certification, along with our years experience performing raccoon trapping and exclusion work, demonstrates that we are fully competent in raccoon exclusion, removal and clean-up, along with the control of many other wildlife species. 

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Need Raccoon Trapping? Here's what you need to know...

Raccoons seek shelter and protection in a variety of places, from attics to crawl spaces, chimneys and more. They also use these spaces to birth their young. It’s important to seal up their entry points to keep them (and other wildlife) from coming in. 

Raccoons don’t have to be inside your home or attic to become a nuisance. If you’re simply looking for someone to trap raccoons that are giving you trouble on your Marietta property, we can take care of that as well. 

Important: If there’s a raccoon behaving strangely on your Marietta  property, call us immediately at 678-744-9453. Voicemails are checked after hours. Raccoons that are exhibiting odd behaviors may have rabies or other dangerous illnesses and should be trapped immediately. Depending on your location, your local government Animal Control may not handle calls for sick wildlife.

Sealing a raccoon’s entry points on a Marietta home or building is not a standardized process. Each structure has its own set of problems, openings and potential trouble spots. It takes a skilled technician with a trained eye to find all of the hard to find holes. Our technicians have the skill and experience needed to do the job right, guaranteed.

Unlike many other companies, we use quality materials such as galvanized steel wire screen, thick galvanized sheet metal and other products that will last the life of your Marietta home or commercial building. We treat your home as we would our own. Our exclusion technicians are talented carpenters. Not only do we seal the pesky raccoons out, we make it look good

Marietta Raccoon Removal, Trapping and Exclusion Process

Wildlife exclusion for a home or building is not a simple, standard process. Each structure is unique, requiring different methods and ladder work. It takes a skilled technician with a trained eye to find all of the uncommon holes. At A & A, we have the experience and know-how to do the job right, guaranteed. Unlike many other companies, we use quality materials such as tough wire screening, thick sheet metal and other products that will last the life of your home.


Marietta Raccoon Removal Phase 1 – Sealing Entry Points


Raccoons typically enter through rather large openings. Oftentimes they cause substantial damage to homes. Our team consists of both licensed wildlife control operators and highly skilled carpenters. We are fully capable of repairing the damage done by raccoons. Repairing the damage is key to keeping raccoons out for good. 

raccoon removal exclusion opening
raccoon removal exclusion opening
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Many other entries may exist around your Marietta home. Customers often opt to have their entire home sealed to prevent all wildlife from getting in. This includes rats, bats, squirrels and more. We seal roof returns, vents, utility penetrations, repair crawl space doors and more. 

exclusion squirrel removal rodent removal
exclusion squirrel removal rodent removal
exclusion squirrel removal rodent removal

Marietta Raccoon Removal Phase 2 – Raccoon Trapping

After sealing your Marietta home or business, it’s time to get the raccoons out. The same day we close up the house, we strategically place cage traps in the problem area. We then return weekly several times to remove the animals and reset the traps until they are completely eliminated. Sometimes it may be necessary to do some trapping before the exclusion work depending on the situation.

When young are present, we may use a specialized repellent that makes the mother remove her young immediately. Alternately, young may be removed by hand.

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Marietta Raccoon Removal Phase 3 – Raccoon Feces Decontamination

Raccoons can cause a great deal of destruction in your attic. Their feces can contain a number of diseases. While sometimes a limited clean-up is sufficient, it is not uncommon to perform an Attic Restoration after a raccoon infestation. The damage level and hazard related to these critters feces is so great that homeowners insurance may even cover this expense. 

An Attic Restoration involves removal of all contaminated insulation, application of encapsulating paint to porous surfaces (beams and drywall), and installation of fresh insulation. We also air seal the attic and perform other energy saving measures throughout the process. We are BPI Certified insulation professionals with extensive training and experience in attic restoration after animal infestation. We take precautions to ensure that contaminants are contained during the restoration process and are not spread throughout your home or business. 

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Meet Marietta's Raccoon and Wildlife Control Team

Our team of skilled wildlife control operators all possess many years of experience. In addition to having the required Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources licensure, we have taken the Basic and Advanced Certification offered by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association. We are also proud members of NWCOA. 

Our friendly office staff is both knowledgeable and prompt. Communication and customer service are very important to us. Our office staff and technicians work together seamlessly, providing our customers only the best in customer support.

Ask the Owner

Will raccoons attack humans?

Healthy raccoons are not typically aggressive. If they feel threatened, cornered or are protecting their young, they may attack. It’s never a good idea to get close to a raccoon, even if they appear to be healthy. They carry diseases and may not exhibit symptoms in the early phases. 

– Matt Alexander

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At A & A Wildlife and Home Solutions, we don’t simply set bait and hope for the best. We remove the critters, seal their entry ways to keep them out, and clean up the mess they left behind.

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