Squirrel Removal From Your Atlanta Home Or Office

Got Squirrel in the Attic? They won’t leave on their own. Call A&A Wildlife & Home Services to safely and humanely remove your squirrels, repair the damage, and close the door on their return.

Squirrel Removal From Your Atlanta Home Or Office

Got Squirrel in the Attic? They won’t leave on their own. Call A&A Wildlife & Home Services to safely and humanely remove your squirrels, repair the damage, and close the door on their return.

Facts About Squirrels

Squirrels are small rodents that live in both urban and rural areas. Squirrels are related to prairie dogs, chipmunks, and marmots, which are all members of the Sciuridae family. Squirrels may be found all throughout the world, with the exception of Australia and Antarctica, and are extremely common in Atlanta suburbs and other locations with significant populations.

Squirrels are incredibly playful and mischievous creatures, as proven with just a few moments of observation. These daredevils will leap from tree to tree and make huge leaps from rooftops to power wires, which they can scamper across with ease. Because squirrels are intelligent and acrobatic, they frequently get access to attics where they establish nests and nurture their young. As a result, squirrels are among the most common offenders in wildlife home attic infestations. Gray squirrels, red squirrels, fox squirrels, and flying squirrels are the most commonly encountered species in the United States.

When squirrels need to store food or establish a nest, they opt for a quiet and secure location. They need a hiding place where predators cannot easily find them, as well as a nesting spot that provides shelter from the rain, snow, wind, and harsh sunlight. Because attics frequently fit all of these characteristics, they are ideal places for squirrels to live. Due to the fact that squirrels typically give birth twice a year, they are frequently in need of adequate nesting locations and places to rear their young.

Squirrel Removal Services

If you think you have a squirrel problem, you’re probably right. While they’re cute and fun to watch, having them in your attic and walls is a serious problem. Getting rid of squirrels is not an easy DIY project either.

As a professional wildlife control company, we specialize in not only trapping and relocating squirrels from your home or office, but we close down wherever these critters entered your home. This prevents squirrels or other animals from reentering. We also repair any damage they’ve caused to your home.

Contact us for effective squirrel removal or to get rid of any wild animals in your home.

The Squirrel Removal Experts

Even if you successfully remove one squirrel family, your attic may be infested by another if your home is not thoroughly sealed off through what we call the entire home exclusion process. One of our squirrel removal experts can advise you on all of the necessary actions for squirrel removal and control.

The entire home exclusion process conceals squirrel-made entrances and prevents them from nibbling their way through new access points. Squirrels will eat holes in your house’s walls, trim, and air conditioning vents to get access. They will take advantage of any gaps and holes that occur naturally in the structure of your home, which is why full home exclusion is required.

Squirrel Removal and Trapping Services That Are Humane

Every day, A&A Wildlife Removal & Home Services receives numerous calls about squirrels in the attic. When homeowners contact us because they suspect they have squirrels in their attic, they all say the same thing. Squirrels are the only animals that are active during the day, and they are frequently heard scratching, jumping, vocalizing, and nesting around sunrise and sunset. Squirrels are especially active near the conclusion of their gestation cycle because they are fervently constructing their nests.

If you hear squirrels in your attic and it seems like more than one animal, it usually signifies that there are babies in the nests. It is critical to not remove the mother without also removing her babies. When a nursing female squirrel is separated from her kittens (baby squirrels), she will go to any length to return to your attic and save her offspring. Nursing squirrels will chew through metal cages, roofs, metal pipes, and almost any other object to regain access. If necessary, they will even kill themselves in the process. Our squirrel removal experts have a thorough understanding of squirrel behavior and inclinations, allowing them to safely and humanely remove squirrels from your attic.

The Complete Squirrel Removal Process

Our comprehensive squirrel removal technique includes numerous steps to assure the humane, live removal of squirrels from your attic and that they will never be able to do more damage to your house.

It all starts with determining the size of the squirrel family, the type of damage done to your attic insulation, wiring, and duct work, and how they are getting into your attic. Squirrels, like most animals, never use a single entry and exit site. This would expose them to predator attacks and leave them with no way out in the event of an emergency. So, even if squirrels find or create the main entry point into your attic, they will often have five or six secondary entry points around your home that they utilize to come and go as they want.

After identifying all of the components required to permanently resolve the squirrel infestation in your attic, our squirrel removal experts will construct a precise three-stage approach that is specifically tailored to your home and squirrel removal needs.

Stages of Our Squirrel Removal Process

The first and second stages of our squirrel removal process are done concurrently. Our Squirrel Removal Experts will begin sealing all probable entrance points detected on your property. They will begin by sealing all secondary entry points and will save the primary entry point for last. Instead of quickly shutting their main entry point, our squirrel removal experts will install a repeating live cage over the main entry point. This permits a complete family of squirrels to enter the cage freely through the angled door, as well as a mother squirrel to leave with her offspring if necessary.

The third stage of our squirrel removal process is thorough attic decontamination fogging treatment. Our attic decontamination services are meant to break down any squirrel urine and excrement, eradicate all pheromones, and kill any fleas and/or mites that the squirrels may have brought into your attic. Our industry-leading attic decontamination services begin with our unique 5 series attic fogging treatment and end with the elimination of most, if not all, squirrel nesting sites, excrement, urine, and trash from your attic.

When squirrels chew through or on electrical wiring and/or air conditioning ducting, our squirrel removal experts will usually recommend a thorough attic restoration. This allows us to evaluate every inch of your bare attic space and notify you of any additional damage caused by your squirrel infestation. It is critical to comprehend the gravity of exposed wiring in your attic and the genuine danger it poses to you, your family, and your property.

Signs of Squirrel Infestation in Your Attic or Home

There are several ways to identify if you have a squirrel infestation and need professional squirrel removal services. The following are some visual indicators that squirrels may be living in your home or on your property:

  • You notice nests larger than bird nests in trees and tree trunks on or near your property.
  • Look for squirrels running on power lines or other cables near your home or place of business.
  • You notice squirrels entering holes on the exterior of your home or the chimney.
  • Chew marks and chewed holes might be seen on your home’s trim or structural beams.
  • Chewing or other damage to vents, wires, cables, and insulation is also possible.
  • Squirrels may have excavated little divots in your yard to find or hide food.
  • Noises like scratching, rolls, and thuds can be heard coming from the attic, crawlspace, walls, vents, or chimney. Squirrels make these noises as they run, jump, battle, scratch, or chew on your structural beams, ducting, or electrical wiring.

If you detect any of the above signs or are unsure whether your home is infested with squirrels, please contact A&A Wildlife Removal as soon as possible. We will be able to offer professional assistance in evaluating and dealing with your squirrel removal situation, as well as additional advice for keeping the squirrel population under control.

Why Choose A&A Wildlife Removal for Squirrel Removal Services?

A&A Wildlife Removal is the top company for squirrel infestation removal and remediation. We respect all wildlife, but we also recognize the devastating damage they may inflict to your home. Our actual enthusiasm stems from our desire to maintain a positive human-wildlife interaction. Our staff consists of highly trained and licensed wildlife experts, home exclusion specialists, and attic restoration professionals who are all committed to making and permanently keeping your home healthy and free of nuisance wildlife.

Call A&A Wildlife Removal today for a free consultation and critter control.

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