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Welcome to A&A Wildlife and Home Solutions – Atlanta’s top choice for wildlife removal and rodent control. At A&A Wildlife, we understand the urgency of addressing wildlife and rodent intrusions promptly and safely. Our expert team uses innovative techniques to provide effective wildlife exclusion, ensuring your home or business stays free from unwanted guests. Trust us to protect your family and property with our premier services!

We prioritize the safety and well-being of our communities while upholding the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and professional workmanship. With years of industry experience, our highly trained technicians are equipped to tackle a wide range of wildlife and rodent challenges. Whether you’re dealing with squirrels in the attic, raccoons in the crawl space, or mice in the walls, A & A Wildlife has the expertise to resolve the issue efficiently and humanely.

Your peace of mind is our mission. Let us help you reclaim your space from unwanted critters!

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Five-Star Atlanta Wildlife Removal, Exclusion and Clean-Up Services

The process to seal or screen openings in a structure is known as a home “Exclusion”. Unfortunately, this is not merely a simple, standard process; rather a meticulous endeavor!

Most often, the average homeowner or even a skilled handyman will not be able to safely access all the high areas where critters can easily climb and reach. Moreover, different trapping methods based on the critter type can be crucial for effective removal from the structure.

Despite all exclusion work, most wildlife animals are persistent in nature and can find a way in if their will is strong enough! That is unless you have professional workmanship and a rock solid warranty from A & A to come back when needed.

Our commitment doesn’t end there however. After every last hole is sealed and the critters are gone, it’s important to remove rodent dropping and disinfect the areas affected. Rest assured that if there is a mess of urine and droppings left behind from critters, A & A offers additional services to clean up the infested areas using HEPA filtered vacuums and safe hospital-grade disinfectants.

At A&A Wildlife, we pride ourselves on possessing the skills and experience required to execute every job to the highest standard. Although it’s impossible to predict the behavior of wildlife, you can take comfort in knowing the A & A Team will have your back. We will provide you with peace of mind knowing that we will meet your needs and exceed expectations.

Atlanta Rodent Removal includes sealing all points of entry.

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State Licensed, Insured & Certified Wildlife Control

At A&A Wildlife, we operate with full compliance and adherence to state regulations governing pest control and wildlife management. The Georgia Department of Agriculture certifies our technicians as licensed pest control operators. Furthermore, our trapping license obtained through the Georgia Department of Natural Resources highlights our capability to handle wildlife removal operations responsibly and in accordance with state wildlife regulations. These standards serve as a mark of our proficiency and dedication to following industry standards in executing pest control services effectively and ethically.

In addition to our licensure, A&A Wildlife prioritizes the safety and security of both our clientele and team members by maintaining comprehensive liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverage. These policies offer peace of mind to our customers, safeguarding them against any unforeseen accidents, damages, or liabilities. Moreover, our commitment to providing a safe working environment for our employees is reflected in our workers’ compensation insurance, which ensures that our team members are appropriately supported and compensated in the event of work-related injuries. 

Our Reputation for Atlanta Wildlife Removal

Obviously our reputation is extremely important to us. Every employee on the A & A Team works very hard to ensure every single customer is fully satisfied and animal free. 

Certainly, this commitment is evident in our reviews across the internet. We humbly maintain a consistently positive track record.

Certifications & Associations

NWCOA (AOTC) Certification

The NWCOA Certified Advanced Wildlife Control Operator Training (AOTC) covers advanced inspection and exclusion, as well as advanced removal techniques and tools. Additionally, it provides education on zoonotic diseases, advanced safety protocols, specialty species handling, and more.

NWCOA Bat Certification

The NWCOA Bat Standards Certification advances the knowledge of bat biology, behavior, identification, proper remediation of bat guano, inspection, safety, exclusion and more. Therefore, passing this exam ensures that we are fully capable of safely, humanely and effectively excluding bats and their feces.

NWCOA Bird Certification

The NWCOA Certified Bird Management Operator Course delves into the biology of a number of nuisance bird species. Additionally, it addresses laws/regulations, disease prevention, safety protocols, control strategies, and advanced exclusion methods, among other topics. Additionally, we are proud to have received an award from this organization, and were named Outstanding Wildlife Professional for the year 2019.

NWCOA (WCO) Certification

The NWCOA Wildlife Control Operator Certification covers not only training for Atlanta rodent control, but also for clean-up services, biology, animal handling, euthanasia, inspection, safety and more.

Also, A & A Wildlife is a Bird Barrier Certified Installer. "Equipped and prepared, we handle nuisance birds, addressing everything from woodpecker damages to your home to removing massive quantities of pigeons roosting in various structures. We have to skill set in the attractive installation of products specifically designed to humanely solve your nuisance bird problems.

A & A is a Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified Professional, thus, we have demonstrated our competency in a number of home ventilation and insulation topics, including proper ventilation of the attic and installation of insulation.

A & A Wildlife is a proud member of the best industry association for nuisance wildlife control professionals. Moreover, ongoing training and partnered support from the best leaders and companies in the industry help keep A&A the best in Atlanta wildlife removal."

Indeed, all of our Wildlife Control Technicians have current trapper licenses with the Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources!

Critter-Free Living: A & A Wildlife in Atlanta.

Our Achievements

We were honored to receive the Outstanding Wildlife Professional Award for 2019 from National Wildlife Control Operators Association at their annual conference.  We remain actively involved in this organization  in order to stay ahead of the newest technology and training within the industry.

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"It's rare to find a company that really cares about helping people, but A&A is just that. Everything about our experience, from start to finish, was exceptional. They are thorough and very honest. If you should find yourself in the unfortunate position of dealing with any sort of animal intrusion, do not hesitate to call A&A. They have earned our loyalty for sure." -Amy B.
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"I was really blown away by the service I received. I called A&A and Matt came out to do an extensive inspection of my home and provided a detail report of all the areas where mice were able to get in. He recommended all the improvements needed to keep the critters out and quickly scheduled a team to do the work. The crew that worked on our home was very friendly, knowledgable and did a high-quality job. Highly recommend their services." -Josh A.
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Safe, Friendly and Experienced Staff
Our team is composed of seasoned wildlife experts, each with a wealth of experience in the humane and effective resolution of wildlife conflicts. From the identification of species-specific behaviors to the implementation of tailored solutions, our staff's collective knowledge forms the backbone of our successful track record in wildlife management.
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