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Fall is Here!

Fall is officially here! And along with the cooler weather, it may bring some unexpected furry visitors. While we are busy digging through our closets looking for our hats and sweaters; raccoons, squirrels and mice are busy searching for warmth, food and shelter to hide out for the coming months.

The experts here at A&A Wildlife and Home Solutions have created this easy guide to help you know what to look out for to ensure these predators don’t choose your home for their holiday stay!
Places such as attics, crawlspaces, chimneys and basements offer consistent heat and safe shelter for wildlife to settle in for the cold season. While most of these animals seem innocent enough, they could potentially cause some serious problems for your home.

So, here is what to look out for as temperatures start to drop:
Homeowners can expect to see and hear increased evidence of wildlife activity. This makes fall an ideal time to start taking preventative measures to safeguard your home against burdensome wildlife. One of the most important steps in controlling your problems, is identifying how and where they are entering the home.
Small cracks or gaps in your home’s exterior allow for warm air to leak out and attract mice and other small rodents. In addition to midnight snack runs to your kitchen, mice and rats can also chew through electrical wiring which can lead to serious property damage and house fires.
Racoons can enter the home through plastic roof vent covers and have direct access to the attic underneath, where they spend weeks at a time inside their new “den” causing significant damage in the form of flattened insulation, shredded ductwork and chewed wiring.
Squirrels, like mice, have strong teeth that allow them to chew with ease through wood, aluminum, and plastic. Once inside your home, these powerful teeth can cause widespread damage, such as chewing through PVC which can lead to flooding or water damage.

Acting quickly to remove a wildlife or rodent infestation is the best way to prevent further damage and save you money. If you have been experiencing an increase in wildlife activity inside of your home or have noticed signs of wildlife entry on the exterior of your home, consider giving the experts at A&A Wildlife and Home Solutions a call for a free inspection and estimate today!
A&A Wildlife and Home Solutions has been protecting residential and commercial properties in Georgia from unwanted wildlife for over 5 years!
Our friendly and professional team are both licensed and permitted for live trapping, and humane animal removal and relocation for a responsible answer to your wildlife problems!

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