Raccoon Removal For Atlanta

As cute as they are, raccoons are incredibly destructive once they’re inside. Let us help you resolve your raccoon problem today with our humane wildlife removal services. Call today. 

Raccoon Removal For Atlanta

As cute as they are, raccoons are incredibly destructive once they’re inside. Let us help you resolve your raccoon problem today with our humane wildlife removal services. Call today. 

Racoon Removal Services

While raccoons are cute to look at, they’re no fun to have in your home or office. We provide wildlife removal services, but we provide more than just a removal company. We remove unwelcomed critters, seal the entrances so that you don’t get any return visitors and we’ll even do damage repairs.

If you have raccoons on your property or in your home, A & A Wildlife & Home Services provides human raccoon removal, exclusion work, and damage repair. Many animal control services do not provide exclusion work which prevents raccoons or other animals from entering your home again.

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About Raccoons

Raccoons are notorious for their nighttime activities and mischievous antics near pets and trash cans on a nightly basis, distributing refuse and stealing any food in a semi-accessible location. They like to live in hollow trees and logs near bodies of water such as ponds and streams, only venturing into residential areas in quest of food or shelter. They usually make their homes in existing structures and buildings, such as under porches, attics, and chimneys.

Raccoons are omnivores that wreak havoc on gardens by regularly tearing up sod in search of worms and grubs, destroying lawns, devouring plants, and vegetables, eating small animals, and dispersing the contents of trash bags and residential garbage cans all over the place. These clever critters are excellent climbers and nocturnal, preferring to hide in dry, dark areas.

Raccoons thrive in attics and enjoy rummaging through trash and scavenging for leftovers. Raccoons are the most common carriers of the rabies virus, posing a severe threat to human and animal health. Even attempting to gather the rubbish that raccoons have left in your yard might be hazardous to your health.

Raccoons are generally deterred by trash cans made of tough materials and with tight-fitting lids with clamps or features to keep them shut. Attach cans to a rack or structure to prevent them from being overturned and avoid leaving pet food outside because unconsumed leftovers attract raccoons looking for an easy meal. Preventing access to food, shelter, and water will help, but once the problem has been detected, it is always necessary to call the assistance of a professional and licensed company like A&A Wildlife Removal to assure both elimination and prevention measures.

Signs You Have a Raccoon Infestation

If you notice any of the following signs on your property, you may have a raccoon problem:

  • Property and building damage, garbage cans that have been overturned or opened, and tracks in your yard or garden.
  • Heavy noises from night activity, such as thumping, movement, or scratching on the roof or inside the attic, the size of a small dog, roughly 2 or 3 inches in length
  • Raccoons are sometimes seen surrounding homes and gardens, which indicates a possible infestation.

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How We Can Help

At A&A Wildlife Removal, our first priority is to keep citizens safe and their property intact. We’ve created a range of programs to combat the expanding raccoon problem and reduce the risk of diseases like rabies and other harm caused by these animals. We specialize in the humane capture and relocation of raccoons and other species that cause problems in metropolitan settings. Our wildlife professionals are state-licensed and insured, ensuring the highest level of protection for our consumers while adhering to wildlife control laws.

We offer raccoon removal, attic repair and restoration, and decontamination services. The first step is to assess the scale of the problem and implement measures to keep these animals out of any probable access points in your home. The sooner you come in touch with these incredibly intelligent, persistent critters, the better! To deal with raccoons, you need fast, dependable, and efficient wildlife management services, and it is our objective to assist you in dealing with all animal problems in a delicate and humane, but permanent, manner.

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Our Service Area

We work with businesses and homeowners all around the Atlanta area. We have many happy customers in cities such as Brookhaven, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Roswell, Cumming, Duluth, Suwanee, Sugar Hill, Dacula, Braselton, Hoschton, Johns Creek, and others. Contact us today to talk to us about your unwanted wildlife for removal and restoration today.

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